Get with the PROGRAMs

We offer multiple programs to try and accommodate to everyone's schedules! 

We offer part time and full time schedules:

Tuesday/Thursday                             7:40-2:45            $155

Monday/Wednesday/Friday            7:40-2:45            $195

Monday- Friday                                  7:40-2:45            $285

Monday-Friday with Extended        6:30-5:30            $385

AM Extended and PM Extended are offered to part time children as well: 

AM Extended                                      6:30-7:40           $7 per day

PM Extended                                      2:45-5:30           $8 per day

These fees would collect at the end of each month and be paid with the next month's tuition. 

Note: We are a year round school. To maintain enrollment for the new school year you must keep some sort of summer schedule. * see registration form, section financial agreement. 

2017-2018 School Year Calendar

Please follow our 2017-2018 School Year Calendar!

We follow our own schedule for holiday closings. In the event of severe weather, we follow the City School System. As soon as the school system contacts Little Lambs, a mass text and email will be sent out to all parents notifying them of any early dismal, late arrival or school closing.