MEET and greet


  • Director

    Lisa Buchanan

  • 18 Month Old CLASS

    Mrs. Cindy and Mrs. Glenda

    This is our youngest class! They have to be 1 by May 2nd to enroll for this class. We have a max of 9 children in this classroom and this group will fill up fast! I would suggest to get on the waiting list at birth for this class, but there is always a chance of openings!

    Mrs. Cindy and Mrs. Glenda love "their babies" more than anything and can't wait to get to know yours!

  • Young 2s

    Ms. Jane and Ms. Lizzie

    This class is for the "well, we are almost 2". These are twos that have late birthdays that just barely miss the cut off for our other 2 two year old classes. If this is the case for your child, they would be in Ms. Jane's class for their first year and move to one of our other twos classes the next fall. 

    Ms. Jane 

    Jane has worked here at Little Lambs for 5 years and has been a church member here at St. John's 26 whole years! She loves her young twos group and having Ms. Liz as her aide. Did I mention Ms. Jane is a wizard at desserts- because she is. Anytime we can convince her to whip us up something, we do!

    Ms. Lizzie

    We are so grateful to have Ms. Lizzie with us this year. Mrs. Jane has taker her under her wing and they are soaring into this school year with the young 2's. We can't wait to hear about all the adventures. 

  • 2s

    Mrs. Heather and Mrs. Makayla


    Mrs. Heather has two awesome boys- one that just graduated from high school and the other is in middle school. She has always worked with this age group and wouldn't have it any other way. 

    Mrs. Makayla will be jumping on the LLPS Team this year! She and Mrs. Heather already are the perfect fit for a great 2 year old classroom. 

  • 2s

    Mrs. Sara

    We are so glad to have Mrs. Sara back at LLPS. Mrs. Sara took a pregnancy leave and is jumping back on board after an awesome God lead summer where a door opened for us and for her so that she can be here and teach a 2 year old class. God is good! She is married to Zack and they have a spunky little angel name Finley, who will also be joining LLPS! 

  • 3s

    Mrs. Jennifer

    Ms. Jennifer has been working at LLPS since 2011, but it is her 15th year to teach preschool! She originally taught the two year old class but is currently teaching a wonderful three year old class. She has two beautiful daughters, one in high school and one in college. Mrs. Jennifer enjoys spending time outdoors and with family.  

  • 3s

    Ms. Liz

    We hope to keep her around for a long time! Ms. Liz attended Wallace State and began her time here at LLPS in 2015. This will be Ms. Liz's first year as a 3 year old teacher. She is beyond excited for this new journey in her life. Ms. Liz has themed her classroom this year as the forest animals/camping and it's going to be "s'more" fun than you can imagine!

  • 3s

    Mrs. Tina

    She has currently stepped up as a 3 year old teacher, though she has been here for years as the two year old teacher aide and a teacher. She is married to Patrick and they have two awesome sons. There family is very active and on the go with cross country and soccer. You might catch her on the move around town! She is hard working and eager to teacher. We love that she felt lead to move up to our 3 year old teaching position this fall. 

  • 3's Aide

    Mrs. Julie

    Creative gal she is! Mrs. Julie has been here with us at LLPS as the 3's aide for years now. She has three great children. She loves making t-shirts and all things vinyl to stick everywhere! She loves working with this age group and wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

  • 4s

    Mrs. Caitlin

    One of our four year old classes is taught by Mrs. Caitlin. She graduated from UAB where she obtained her B.S in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. She is the mother of two great children- her son, Wheeler is 9 and daughter, Sydney is 4 and attends Little Lambs. Her and her husband, Weston, were both born and raised in Cullman. They have lived here their whole life here with the exception of a year and half spent in Salt Lake City, Utah for work related reasons. "I believe God has called me to work with young children, which is why I am so blessed to be here at Little Lambs!"  

  • 4s

    Mrs. Dana

    Mrs. Dana has been working at LLPS for 14 years. She is our nature and animal lover. She loves creating new ideas for her classroom and loves getting organized! She has been married to Robbie, her high school sweetheart, for 27 years. She has one lovely daughter, Amy, who is also a preschool teacher- the apple didn't fall far from the tree. She has taught a 4 year old class for all 14 years and loves every minute of it. She is always excited for new a great adventure! 

  • 4s

    Mrs. Denise

    Mrs. Denise has worked here at LLPS for 14 years! What a VETERAN! She has been teaching preschoolers since 1979 and still does an incredible job to this day. She has been married to John Knappenberger for 35 years and has two sons. She recently had her first grandchild- a sweet little girl. 

  • 4s

    Ms. Lauren

    Can you say pumped? We can! We are super excited that Ms. Lauren decided to take on the 4 year old teaching position this year. Ms. Lauren has taught at Cullman Head Start and a door has opened for her to now be a part of our LLPS team! Ms. Lauren is a huge animal lover and also an awesome swim coach- if anyone is needing lessons;) 

  • 4s Aide

    Alana Durden

    Mrs. Alana is back! She worked for Little Lambs several years ago and we are so glad to have her back and a part of our LLPS family. She is super fun and energetic and has a great attitude daily! She is very involved here at St. John's Church and brings so much love to the staff, families and children. 

  • PM Extended Day 3/4's Teacher

    Ms. Lizzie    Ms. Madison     Ms. Alyssa

    These are our three PM Extended Day Teachers that work with the combined 3 and 4 year old classes. From left to right: Ms. Lizzie, Ms. Madison(lower) and Ms. Alyssa. We love having these three hard working ladies in the afternoon with us! Extended day is a little more relaxed on curriculum based activities but continues the structure aspect of the school schedule. They administer snack in the afternoon to their specific classes get to play and get to know your children individually through fun afternoon activities, whether that is in the classroom, playroom or outside on the playground!

  • 18 Month Old Extended Day

    Ms. Tiffany and Ms. Kelsy

    This will be Ms. Kelsy's 2nd year with this age group in the afternoon and this will be Ms. Tiffany's 1st year with the 18 month old, but boy is she excited. They will be enjoying the afternoon with playtime and music time! 

  • 2's Extended Day

    Ms. Halli and Ms. Savanna

    These young women are both newly weds and have found their way to us here at LLPS. We are excited to have these to here and working with our 2 year old in the afternoon- I am sure as much as their husbands love that they are learning the trick of the trade before they have a few of their own;) 

    They are excited to be here and love your little ones already!